Oh hey there!

Thanks for dropping by to learn a little bit more about me. My name is Bri Leichliter, and I’m from a small-town in Pennsylvania where the deer graze in the back yard and we talk a little redneck-y. SOOOO appealing, right?

Well, don’t let that fool you, because even though my roots are in Pennsylvania, I’ve worked with people all around the globe!

And I’m here to help entrepreneurs and managers create the most important, and most overlooked, aspect of their business. You guessed it, procedures.

I know what you’re thinking, how boring! I can’t even tell you how many eye rolls I get when I even start discussing the topic. No one actually wants to spend hours creating documentation, but I’m here to tell you WHY it is so important and show you how you can make processes & procedures work in your favor and MAKE YOU MONEY!

I’ve worked with businesses big and small. For the last four years, I’ve worked for a global organization. Rest assured that whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, small or mid-size business, or a full-size enterprise, I have something to offer you.

To date, I’ve written, edited, and reviewed over ONE HUNDRED processes and procedures. I’ve seen so many crazy things. Let me tell you a secret, process and procedure writing was never in my job description.


That’s right. I became so passionate about making things better for the companies that I worked for, that I started reviewing processes and procedures for FREE. One of my bosses called it my extra-curricular work activities.

I became so committed to wanting to make the workplace more efficient, that I decided to start consulting other businesses on how to implement techniques within their own organizations that will help them get there.

So how does this work for a solopreneur who may not have employees? Well, business processes apply to virtual assistants (VA’s), too! Many entreprenuers claim that they have had terrible experiences with a VA because the VA didn’t understand what was expected of them. Well, the key piece that was missing was the process.

And hey there business manager. I bet you have “lazy” employees. Or do you? Maybe they are in the same situation. They may not really understand.

Let’s face it: Do you actually understand all of the in’s and out’s of your business? Probably not, but you SHOULD!

You need to know what is not value-added so we can ELIMINATE and move on to revenue generating tasks.

Are you with me? It’s time we go on an adventure to discovering your process potential!

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I’ll take your business from unstructured and unorganized, to productivity power house!

I’m on a mission to change how you do business and I’ll show you how to push your employees to be successful.

I know you want to empower your employees to succeed and to provide the right tools to your workforce to help them advance in their careers, and provide value to your company.

I want to promote a mindset shift from an “us vs. them” mentality to a team atmosphere that allows your employees – and business! – to grow.

Let’s face it: Happy employees = increased productivity and revenue for you. People spend most of their life working, and the workplace should be somewhere that they want to be, instead of where they have to be.

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