Entrepreneurs – are you ready to prepare for a virtual team?

If you’re serious about developing a team for long-term success, then my 1:1 coaching package is for you. During our 6-week journey, we will map out a plan for outsourcing, review the most important tasks, and develop both training materials and accountability measures that will give you the peace of mind that your virtual staff is worth their salary.

Small Business Package – if you are a business that employs 0-250 employees, then this package is for you.

This package is set up on a quarterly basis to review the highest revenue generating activities that your business performs. We will review the most important processes individually and look for redundancy and waste. From there, we will implement systems, train personnel and implement accountability measures.

Enterprise Package – if you are a business that employees more than 250 employees, then this is your package.

This six month program will focus on a single department within the organization and highest revenue generating task. We will review for opportunities to streamline, create documentation, set up a procedural index, and determine appropriate accountability measures.

If you’re short on time but need to kick start your business, I offer a limited number of 1 week intensives.

You will have full-access to me for 1 hour per day for 5 days straight to review the foundational aspects of starting a procedural library, reviewing processes, implementation and accountability metrics.

Just need to vent? Or maybe you just have some questions about your existing processes and procedures? Maybe you just want to review your notes and get some guidance on where to start. No problem! I am available for single 1 hour sessions.

Need to hold a workshop at your organization to get your departmental managers up to speed on what you’re trying to accomplish? No problem. I can custom tailor a program that fits your company’s needs.

Need a speaker for a business event or conference? I’m your girl! I love meeting new people and sharing my passion. Let’s make it happen!

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I’ll take your business from unstructured and unorganized, to productivity power house!

I’m on a mission to change how you do business and I’ll show you how to push your employees to be successful.

I know you want to empower your employees to succeed and to provide the right tools to your workforce to help them advance in their careers, and provide value to your company.

I want to promote a mindset shift from an “us vs. them” mentality to a team atmosphere that allows your employees – and business! – to grow.

Let’s face it: Happy employees = increased productivity and revenue for you. People spend most of their life working, and the workplace should be somewhere that they want to be, instead of where they have to be.

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