Brianne articulates ideas, gets the required buy-in from impacted job functions and management, and drives the project to completion! She frames discussion so all will be able to understand the issue at hand and this is a key component in making changes within the organization and working with resistant employees. I highly recommend working with her.

– Sales Manager

Bri​ ​Leichliter shows her can-do, role-model attitude & skill set, again. She never missed a beat – working outside the box, digging in and finding a way!

– Engineering Supervisor

Brianne assumed a role as a change agent almost immediately upon moving into the department. She is a very intellectual thinker, with a high level of business acumen. She used these abilities to quickly identify areas to make process improvements in our organization. And she had the confidence, ambition and communication skills to develop the business improvements. She documented the enhancements, developed training aids, trained the effected personnel, implemented the changes, and then followed through to ensure their effectiveness. She’s just as comfortable explaining what, why and how changes need to be made to an entry level position as she is in interacting with senior management. Without her foresight, energy, and ambition, these changes would never had taken place.

– Manufacturing Manager

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